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The Apex of all christian endeavour...



Firebrand Nation is the outreach of both Jesus Is Alive Ministries (www.jiam.org) and Eternal Life Harvest Center (www.elhc.life)

Our Mission : APEX! APEX!

Our mission has always and will always be APEX .
APEX? , The Apex of all Christian endeavour must become to place the jewel of a soul in the crown of our saviour that the lamb of God slain may recieve the reward of His suffering.

APEX - is the burning desire which makes a firebrand restless till he/she preaches to a lost soul and ensures that this lost soul finds the unconditional & undisputable love that is in God.

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Our Vision : Revivalution Now!

What an amazing thing it is that in Habakkuk 2:14 , that God promises us that a time will come (and the time is now),when the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. That God`s very presence will dwell amongst us. An increased everyday awareness of God - Passionate spontenous & expressive worship ... reckless abandon and whole dependancy on God ... when the Ancient of times lets His presence dwell amongst His people...This is the Revival ... that sweeps as a revolution.

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