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Christ is up ... and He gave gifts to men (Eph 4:4)

The Goodnews ...and the not so good

So here is the goodnews ; each day in your day to day activities , you realize that there are some tasks you do with ease ... tasks that are seemingly hard for others but pretty simple for you - Now that is probably your gift/talent...

The not-so-good-news: Everyday you know your gift/talent but don`t utilize it for the Kingdom`s sake then you might be robbing God of the opportunity to enlarge your territories as well as robbing the future generation of the opportunity to know what God can do through a man/woman who has a holy dependancy on Him.

10+ Departments to choose from

With over 10+ departments to choose from , you realize that its through you that God will use to reach out to the next million firebrands to come ... 

Your gift/talent will probably fit in the listed departments , but if you can`t find a department - then worry not, we got an extra department just for you ;-) 
All thats required of you is PURSUIT

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