As they met each other on the road that day, it was as though the immovable object had met the irresistible force. something would have to give way. A turning point of history would hinge on the outcome.


—  Evans Kariuki , Author -Troublers .

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Amazing events



Overwhelmed by the reckless love of God ,  we set forth to fulfill the great commission by embracing the greatest commandment

Love God Love Others Passionately


FirebrandNation is a community comprised of young radical christian peeps from all over the world , who are after the heart of God - and it doesn`t stop at that ...with the understanding of Matthew 28 (the great commission) and the revelation of Mark 12 (the greatest commandment )

FirebrandNation was founded by Firebrand Evans Kariuki and his wife Firebrand Ashley Kariuki . 

Firebrand Evans Kariuki - an author, a preacher , an entrepreneur -  founded FirebrandNation after several encounters with God about 7years ago .

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This is a great place to be what God called you to be . Learn in a practical ministry setting so you can lead and impact the world.

From this spot you will touch the world

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